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Art and Adventure on the Overfalls Trail

On the morning of August 27, IAT Chairperson Paul Wylezol, Parks Canada Heritage Presentation Coordinator Kim Vokey, Filmmaker Mark Flagler, and a group of Western Newfoundland artists and rug hookers set off on a half-day trek of the IAT-Parks Canada Overfalls Trail on the southern end of Gros Morne National Park. The goal was to familiarize participants with the new trail, Trout River Pond, and the Tablelands mountain range in preparation for an Art and Adventure themed weekend in the spring or early summer of 2012.

The day began with Ocean Quest Adventure's Andrew Skanes giving the group a ride across Trout River Pond in their trail shuttle/boat tour zodiac.


Once across the pond, the boat docked at the new floating dock near a 100ft boardwalk across a wet alder bed.



From there the group meandered along the lower slow-moving Trout River


before gradually climbing to the lower Overfalls lookoff at an elevation of 500ft.


From there it's another 100ft rise to the main lookoff that provides a full view of the Overfalls waterfall, Trout River valley and pond, Tablelands mountain range ... and the artists and hookers.

(left to right) Robert Nelder, Vivian Bannister, Anne Pinsent, Peter Lakin, Kim Vokey, Karole Pittman, Molly White, and Joan Payne

While at the lookoff, artists Anne Pinsent and Karole Pittman took the opportunity to make quick sketches of the spectacular scenery, a preview of things to come.


A short descent from this 600ft perch leads to a series of low waterfalls at the confluence of Trout River and Overfalls Brook, always a great spot for a cool dip or mid-day lunch.

IAT Chairperson Paul Wylezol taking a refreshing dip in Overfalls Brook

From here Paul and Mark left the returning group and continued on to film the Overfalls, before heading to the mountaintop for the night to scout out potential trail routes and film from above.

View from the top of the Overfalls

As always, moose and caribou dotted the landscape, where two-legged wildlife is a rarer sight.