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Flagler Films Begins IAT Documentary

From August 21 to September 2, long-distance hiker and filmmaker Mark Flagler was in Western Newfoundland beginning production on a one-hour documentary about the IAT in North America.  It follows his successful Appalachian Impressions documentary about the US Appalachian Trail, which aired in more than a million households on the PBS television network.


Though planning to begin filming in 2012, Mark traveled to Newfoundland in August to take advantage of the abundant icebergs caused by the gradual break-up of the Petermann Ice Island off the northeast coast.  The massive iceberg broke off the Petermann Glacier in northwest Greenland in 2010.



Mark was supported by the IATNL, and for much of his time on the island was accompanied by IAT/IATNL Chairperson Paul Wylezol and IATNL Signage Director Delano Pittman.




After an ominous drive through fog along the Strait of Belle Isle, filming started on the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula near the IAT North America terminus at Crow Head, when the sun suddenly broke through and remained for most of the next two weeks. 



The first trail section filmed was the Iceberg Alley Way between St. Carol's and Great Brehat.  The day began with a low-lying morning fog enveloping icebergs in St Carol's Harbour, before burning off to reveal a spectacular coastline dotted with the white behemoths.


 (Left to Right) Filmmaker Mark Flagler and IATNL Vice Chair Arne Helgeland overlooking St. Carol's Harbour



From there the scene moved to the French Shore Trail between Conche and Croque on the eastern side of the pensinsula, where once again the majestic Petermann icebergs filled coves and harbours, and occasionally grounded off the scenic coastline.




During the second week of filming, Mark traveled south to Gros Morne National Park to the new Overfalls Trail, a joint project between the IAT and Parks Canada.  Access to the trail is by zodiac across scenic Trout River Pond, where hikers start out with an inspiring close-up view of the Tablelands.



From the eastern end of the pond, the trail winds it way for 5kms (3 miles) along Trout River and Overfalls Brook until it breaks out at the 150m (500ft) high Overfalls waterfall.





With nearly 2 weeks of sunshine and hundreds of icebergs and bergie bits - including some in his cup


 Delano Pittman and Mark Flagler enjoying the day's catch!


Mark Flagler got his adventure documentary off to a great start.  In summer 2012 he plans to continue filming in Maine and make his way north again to Newfoundland, where he will complete filming on the first of a four part series that will also bring him across the North Atlantic to Western Europe. 

View a clip of the Flagler iceberg video

For more information on Flagler Films, go to their website www.flaglerfilms.com.