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Walking The Corner Brook Stream Trail

For most of its 1,000+ kilometer route, the IATNL follows a series of backcountry mountain trails connected by logging roads and the Newfoundland T'railway.  However at the small west coast city of Corner Brook - home office of the IATNL - the trail follows the well-developed Corner Brook Stream Trail along the namesake Corner Brook, from Main Street near city hall,

past the artificial marsh created as a settling pond for the local Pulp and Paper Mill's water supply,

before encircling the shoreline of scenic Glynmill Inn Pond.

From there the trail winds its way along the fast moving stream, 

stopping at the occasional rest area

before entering Margaret Bowater Park, which is divided between a play area for young children on one side 


and a swimming pool, canteen, and outdoor theater on the other.



From Margaret Bowater Park the trail winds it way up along the stream and through forest for another 3 kilometers, before crossing the stream above a canyon and falls, and exiting at Crocker's Road near Massey Drive.


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