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Overfalls Trail Opens In Gros Morne Park

On July 14, officials with the IATNL, Parks Canada and Ocean Quest Adventures set out from the dock at Gros Morne National Park's Trout River Pond on the new zodiac shuttle service to the trailhead of the Overfalls Trail, located at the southeast end of the 15 kilometer (9 mile) long pond.  The trail was developed in 2010 by the IATNL in partnership with Park's Canada, while the shuttle and boat tour were contracted to Ocean Quest.



Joining IATNL Chairperson Paul Wylezol, Vice Chair Arne Helgeland, Finance Director Kevin Noseworthy and volunteer Brandie-Lyn Leafloor were Parks Canada Heritage Presentation Coordinator Kim Vokey, Trails Crew and Maintenance worker Bruce Gillam, Ocean Quest Gros Morne Manager Andrew Skanes and crew member Adam Gardner.

After a pleasant 30 minute wake-churning ride across a still pond with reflected mountain and sky



the zodiac pulled in to the snug natural harbour at the outlet of the west branch, Trout River.



The purpose of the excursion was to check out the operation of the new shuttle and the after-winter condition of the trail.  Notes were also taken on the placement of signage and the time required to complete a round trip.


 IAT Volunteer Brandie-Lyn Leafloor at the lower end of Trout River

For much of the 5 kilometer (3 mile) trail, the route follows along the east bank of Trout River before crossing - via a 2ft deep, 25 ft wide ford - above the lower falls and following the east bank of Overfalls Brook.  


Gros Morne Park's Kim Vokey at the lower falls on Trout River 

Near the confluence of Trout River and Overfalls Brook is a loop that takes hikers up to a 190m (625ft) high lookoff where hikers get a complete view of the Overfalls valley, Trout River pond, and Tablelands mountain range.



The full Overfalls Trail takes approximately 5-6 hours to complete.  For more information on Ocean Quest's shuttle service and boat tour, visit their website or email Andrew at grosmorne@oceanquestnl.com.