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Overfall Trail completed in Gros Morne National Park

On November 12, the IATNL completed the new Overfalls Trail in Gros Morne National Park.  The trail begins at the eastern end of Trout River Pond after a scenic 1-hour boat ride along the south side of the Tablelands, a 2,000+ft (600+m) mountain range of peridotite mantle rock heaved up through plate tectonics.  


Gros Morne National Park's Visitor Experience Manager Myriam Lavallée
accompanies the IATNL work crew on its Day One boat ride to the trailhead

Looking west across Trout River Pond and the Tablelands from the Overfalls Trailhead

The trail winds 5kms (3 miles) up the west branch of Trout River to the 500ft (150m) Overfalls waterfall, and reaches a maximum elevation of 650ft (200m).

Volunteer Tupac Norman taking a break with a view, at the Lower Lookoff half-way up the trail 

View of the Overfalls from Overfalls Brook, a Trout River West Branch tributary

Mid-October view of the Overfalls, from the Overfalls Trail

Trail work began in September after the IATNL and Gros Morne National Park entered into an agreement to cooperate on new trail projects in the park.  The project was funded by the Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment (HRLE) and the IATNL.  The crew was made up of project workers Nick Edwards, Adam Bellows, Damian Caines, Terry Kennedy, and Dave Bennett, and volunteers Tupac Norman (aka Cotton Joe) and IAT President Paul Wylezol.

(L-r.) Workers Nick Edwards and Terry Kennedy on their way to work in the morning

(L-r.) Tupac Norman, Adam Bellows, Damien Caines, and Nick Edwards breaking for lunch on the river

(L-r.) Tupac Norman and Adam Bellows huddled around an autumn campfire

The Overfalls Trail is a pleasant full day-adventure that combines a scenic return boat ride with an easy half-day trek along an idyllic river valley with big trees, good views, small, medium and large waterfalls, and refreshing swimming pools.

Future plans call for the trail to be extended to the top of the Overfalls and connect to the main artery of the IATNL as it crosses the North Arm Hills and drops into Chimney Cove Valley.  A side trail will also be cut to the bottom of the falls, where hikers can get in on the download and listen to the soundtrack! 

Completion of the Overfalls Trail wraps up IATNL trail work for 2010.  Plans are already being made for 2011.  Stay tuned, and stay fit!

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