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Work Continues on Devil's Bite Trail

For two weeks in September 2010, work continued on the southern end of the Devil's Bite Trail, from Middle Brook to West Brook Gulch, and on the inside of the gulch to the scree slope below Piss Pot Pond.  Two more days in 2011 will complete the West Brook section of trail, and create a new access to the top of the Long Range Mountains and the previously completed backcountry sections of trail.

Work on the trail began after a one-hour boat ride across Parsons Pond (Outer Pond) to Middle Brook, where workers Nick Edwards, Damien Caines, Adam Bellows, Tupac Norman (aka Cotton Joe), and IAT President Paul Wylezol overnight at a cabin on the eastern shore.

From the cabin at the mouth of Middle Brook, the workers rowed across the shallow river, then trekked .5 km (.3 mile) south along the beach to the West Brook trailhead, where they followed the trail to the worksite.

(L-r) Damien Caines and Tupac Norman row across Middle Brook, Parsons Pond

The trail passes the short, but scenic Middle Brook, between Parsons Pond Inner and Outer Ponds

then rises 400ft through a birch forest

to a scenic lookoff with spectacular views of the Inner Pond and surrounding mountains to the north

and West Brook Gulch to the south.

Entering into the gulch, the trail follows along the north shore of the outer lake front

before crossing a scree slope on the north shore of the inside pond.

Because of its remote location and few visitors, West Brook Gulch is home to a healthy moose population which is just as curious about trail workers and hikers, as the latter are of them.

  With an equally keen eye hikers may also sight other curious and indifferent species

while making their way through the inside valley to the scree slope to Piss Pot Pond.

Meanwhile ... after trail work is done for the day, the workers head back to the cabin where they unwind for the night by a fire on the shore .....

(L-r) Trail workers Damien Caines, Tupac Norman, Nick Edwards, and Adam Bellows

and continue to entertain their newfound friends!

Come from behind winner of the roasted weiner contest

Trail work on the IATNL in 2010 was made possible by the financial support of the Provincial Department of Human Resources, Labor and Employment (HRLE).

To view more photos of Work Continuing On Devil's Bite Trail go to IATNL Flickr...