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Clearing a New Section of Indian Lookout Trail

From July 21-24, IAT President Paul Wylezol and volunteers Tupac Norman (aka Cotton Joe) from North Carolina and Curtis Payne from Parsons Pond made a four-day trail cutting trek of the north side of Indian Lookout Trail between Indian Lookout and Portland Creek's Southwest Feeder.   The adventure began with a 45 minute boat ride across Portland Creek Outer and Inner Ponds, followed by a 2,000 ft (600+ meter) climb to the panoramic lookout.

 IAT President Paul Wylezol carrying tools and supplies to the top of Indian Lookout

 After a good night sleep overlooking the Inner and Outer Ponds and the Gulf of St. Lawrence

the trio set out on a mountaintop trek to the north side of Southwest Feeder Inner Pond, where the real work began.  Along the way they watched the sun rise over 1,000 ft (300+ meter) Partridge Pond Falls, and counted 19 live moose - and one not so live caribou.

The new section of trail was cut across a remote 1 km wide (.6 miles) forested valley that provides access to a 1 km long rocky ridge with excellent views of the Long Range Mountains, from Portland Creek Pond to Blue Mountain and the Highlands of St. John.

(l-r) IAT Volunteers Curtis Payne and Joe Norman

After two days of cutting through forest and scrub, the three amigos exited the mountains via Five Mile Road, halfway between Parsons Pond and Portland Creek.  But not before trekking past scenic vistas of Southwest Feeder Inner Pond and stream

...and an albino moose with a deadly smile!


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