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CBPPL and IATNL Create Protected Areas

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited and the International Appalachian Trail Newfoundland and Labrador have entered into an agreement which provides protection for five areas of western Newfoundland where the trail network plans to expand. 


Chimney Cove  Pond and Valley on the southern border of Gros Morne National Park 

The Special Management Areas, to which the paper company holds the timber rights, will have an indefinite moratorium on operations and development.  That means, there will be no harvesting or road construction in these areas while this agreement is in effect.

The woodlands to be protected are located in the Codroy, Serpentine, Chimney Cove, Brian's Inner Pond and Western Blue Inner Pond valleys. Combined, the areas - which range from southwestern Newfoundland to the Northern Peninsula - represent more than 300 square kilometres (30,000 hectares) of forest which could have been harvested into pulpwood.

View of Serpentine Lake and River 

Managing Woodlands
Stephen Balsom, Corner Brook Pulp and Paper's planning and development superintendent, said entering into this agreement is consistent with the paper company's goal of managing its woodlands in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner, while at the same time protecting important features of this province's uncommon natural heritage.

"Corner Brook Pulp and Paper also supports the goal of increasing the value and benefit of Newfoundland and Labrador's forests, whether as an industrial or tourism resource," Balsom said in an emailed comment.

"The five areas in question are geographically dispersed and include an abundance of biological and geological diversity. The majority is merchantable timber, with the most being old-growth forest."


Mollichignick Valley flowing into Grand Codroy Valley

Paul Wylezol, the trail network's president, said there are plans for the low-impact trails to extend into these areas and he applauded the company's contribution of protecting some of the trail system's marquee sections.

"In addition to protecting the environment and natural heritage of large and diverse areas of western Newfoundland, the special management areas will also help protect much of its outdoor adventure product," said Wylezol. "This renewable and sustainable natural resource will undoubtedly go up in value, as the world's population increases and its wild and scenic places decrease."

Having these areas protected, he added, will also strengthen the International Appalachian Trail network's strategic plan to grow and market it internationally.

"It is hoped the province will join us in protecting and maximizing our adventure tourism resources by increasing the protection for these areas, as well as expand their geographic footprint into adjacent Crown Lands," said Wylezol.

Brian's Pond Inner Pond in the mountains east of Daniel's Harbour

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited (www.cbppl.com) is a division of Kruger Publication Papers of Montreal, Quebec (www.kruger.com).

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