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IATNL Annual General Meeting

The International Appalachian Trail Newfoundland Labrador held its Annual General Meeting at the Greenwood Inn in Corner Brook on Saturday, November 21.  The meeting was well attended, and included representatives from the provincial departments of Innovation Trade and Rural Development (INTRD) and Tourism, and four of the five Western Newfoundland Regional Economic Development boards.   

The day began with a review of 2009 initiatives, including the completion of the IATNL marketing plan, the new IATNL website, the IAT UK-Ireland visit in June, the Lewis Hills, Blow Me Down Mountains and Parsons Pond trail projects, and the new French Shore Trail between Conche and Croque. 

Also discussed was the progress being made on the IATNL's new trail brochure, guide and map sets by WCYi of St. John's, and the recent IAT AGM at Stanley Bridge, PEI.  Participants were shown the new IATNL promotional video by Mark Flagler of Flagler Films, and advised of the possibility of bringing Mark back for 3 months in 2010 to film a one-hour adventure documentary.

There was also discussion of the IATNL's new Strategic Development Plan being written with the help of staff at the RED Ochre development board in Parsons Pond.  This plan will outline the IATNL's strategic development for the foreseeable future.  It was requested that board members and stakeholders submit suggestions or criticisms within the next month or two so that the plan can be completed early in the new year.

The last important item on the agenda was the election of officers for 2010.  They are:

  • Chairperson:  Paul Wylezol  
  • Vice Chair:  Arne Helgeland
  • Treasurer:  Kevin Noseworthy
  • Secretary:  Caroline Swan
  • Communications:  Greg Wood
  • GIS and Mapping:  Sean Greene
  • Membership:  Judie Gushue
  • Geo-Caching:  Michael Newton
  • Business Planning:  Sean St. George
  • Signage:  Delano Pittman
  • Trail Director:  Paul Lockyer
  • Outfitting:  Randy Parsons
  • Transportation:  Robert Bradbury

There are also 11 Members At Large.


The day's meeting was followed by the AGM Dinner and Slideshow, including highlights from the 2009 IAT UK-Ireland visit and 2009 trail projects.  The finale was the official Newfoundland and Labrador première of the Flagler promotional video .... and a well-deserved drink at the bar!

 (l-r.) Arne Helgeland - Vice Chair, Kevin Noseworthy - Treasurer, Caroline Swan - Secretary, Paul Wylezol - Chairperson