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Flagler Films First Inner Pond Trek

Adventure filmmaker Mark Flagler (www.flaglerfilms.com) recently joined IATNL Chairperson Paul Wylezol on the first Inner Pond to Inner Pond Trek.   It began with an early 45 minute boat ride across Portland Creek Outer and Inner Ponds, and ended 3 days/2 nights later with a boat ride across Parsons Pond. 

Flagler was in Newfoundland filming a promotional video for the IATNL.  In addition to sections of the Indian Lookout and Devil's Bite Trails between Portland Creek and Parsons Pond Inner Ponds, he also filmed sections of the Lewis Hills, Blow Me Down Mountain, Humber Valley, and Conche to Croque Trails.

During the first day of the Inner Pond Trek, Mark and Paul were joined by IATNL trail worker Caroline Swan and her mother Dorit, who travelled from Nova Scotia to volunteer on the IATNL for a week.  While Mark was filming the views from Indian Lookout, the others cut a critical path through a swath of tuckamore.

After the important trail link was cut, Mark and Paul continued on to Camp One above the East Branch of Portland Creek's Southwest Feeder.  Day Two began with good views of Southwest Feeder Inner Pond and 1,000ft Partridge Pond Falls.

The West Branch of the Southwest Feeder provided another great filming opportunity before lunch and the overland trek to the Parsons Pond watershed.

While heading southwest across the Flat Hills, they encountered a dozen caribou slowly making their way east.

By dusk they reached Camp Two above East Brook Gulch and settled in for the night.  Lo and behold the sun was shining again in the morning of Day Three, enabling Mark to get good footage of the gulch.

Descending the Flat Hills just north of East Brook Gulch, Mark and Paul stopped for lunch under Little East Brook Falls before continuing on to Parsons Pond Inner Pond and the boat ride back across Parsons Pond. 


 To view more photos from Flagler Films First Inner Pond Trek go to IATNL Flickr...