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Above North Rim Of Parsons Pond Inner Pond

In early August IATNL Chairperson Paul Wylezol and executive member Delano Pittman joined six IATNL trail workers on a backcountry adventure above the north rim of Parsons Pond Inner Pond.  The eight man crew flew in over the mountains for 3 days of trail blazing and cutting on the mid section of the Devil's Bite Trail.

The Devil's Bite Trail will be a 45-kilometer 3-4 day loop around the Devil's Bite (above the south rim of Parsons Pond Inner Pond) and the Parsons Pond watershed.  Starting at Middle Brook between Parsons Pond Inner and Outer Ponds, the trail will ascend Western Brook Gulch of Parsons Pond, circle Parsons Pond Inner Pond, Main Gulch, Little Gulch, and East Brook Gulch, before descending the south end of the Flat Hills and returning to Middle Brook. 

Along the way hikers will be treated to countless views of fiords, waterfalls, high country lakes and streams, wildflowers and wildlife.  Access is by boat from the community of Parsons Pond, by float plane, or by way of Five Mile Road to the Flat Hills, just south of Arches Provincial Park between Parsons Pond and Portland Creek.

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