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Flat Hills to Parsons Pond Trek

During the last week of July 12 intrepid adventurers, including IATNL executive members Kevin Noseworthy (Treasurer), Sean Greene (GIS Director), and Paul Grenier (Lewis Hills rep), and Gros Morne National Park Conservation Manager Peter Deering, left Five Mile Road between Parsons Pond and Portland Creek on the first IATNL Flat Hills to Parsons Pond trek.  The recently completed southern access trail off the Flat Hills makes this new scenic route possible.  The two-day hike was followed by a half-hour boat ride from Middle Brook back to the community of Parsons Pond.

The "Dirty Dozen" overnighted at Parsons Pond Outfitters' cabin at Partridge Pond, above the west branch of Portland Creek's Southwest Feeder, where they were fed a performance-enhancing gruel of pasta and ground beef by chairperson and guide Paul Wylezol.

After a 6:00am rise and 8:00am departure, the first stop was above the nearby 1200ft Partridge Pond Falls.

After a long day of hiking, a well-deserved afternoon siesta was followed by a refreshing dip in Little East Brook Falls, where our female audience finally gets to see our new IATNL male pin-up (and vice chairperson) Bob "Go On The Kitty" Diamonds under a scenic falls!!!

To view more photos of the Flat Hills To Parsons Pond Trek go to IATNL Flickr...