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Thor's Landing To Become Basecamp


In the autumn of 2015, Thor Hansen of Steady Brook donated his old cabin on the north side of the lower Humber Valley to the International Appalachian Trail Newfoundland & Labrador to rennovate into a basecamp for hikers of the IATNL Humber Valley Trail. Work began in the Spring of 2016, and by Fall the little camp was already looking rejuvenated.


Thor's Humber Valley cabin in December 2015


Thor assumed ownership of the cabin approximately 40 years ago and enjoyed many days exploring the remote and undeveloped north side of the Humber River. However in recent years his interest waned and the little cabin fell into decay and overgrown. Nevertheless, the roof was watertight and the interior remained dry and in good condition.



After clearing some brush in the Fall of 2015 and Spring of 2016, work began in earnest in May 2016 when IATNL executive members Paul Wylezol, Kevin Noseworthy and Arne Helgeland were joined by Chainsaw Nick Edwards in removing the dilapidated porch, a later addition to the older cabin.


Nick Edwards (left) and Arne Helgeland tackling the dilapidated porch


Once the porch was removed, the wall was framed up and covered in weatherproof breathable fabric from the nearby paper mill and the screen door was attached. Future plans call for a small addition with second bedroom and bathroom.


Kevin Noseworthy exits the cabin with temporary see-through fabric wall


Access to Thor's Landing is by a 2-3 hour walk from either end of the Humber Valley Trail, a 5km drive on Wild Cove gravel road, or a short boat ride across the Humber River from Steady Brook.


Kevin Noseworthy canoes across the Humber River from Thor's Landing


Work continued on the Landing in November 2016, during the last gasp of fall colours.


Late turning larch trees behind Thor's Landing


Paul, Kevin and Arne were joined by Katie Broadhurst of the IATNL Enhancement Committee when more brush was cleared and the old rotten deck was removed.


Katie Broadhurst stokes the fire


while Kevin Noseworthy digs into the old rotten deck


Steady Brook resident Greg Howlett donated the use of his boat to ferry materials across the river to repair the roof.


(L-R) Kevin Noseworthy, Greg Howlett and Arne Helgeland with a load of lumber and plywood


Kevin removed the old moss covered felt while Paul repaired the eaves.


Thors Landing
Kevin Noseworthy removes old felt from the roof while Arne Helgeland tends the fire (click to enlarge)



Under the felt was a layer of old metal newspaper printing plates from the Western Star, which had done a good job in keeping the cabin dry.



Once the old felt was removed, a new layer was added then covered with roof coating.



Paul returned the following day to finish the job



and paint the front of the cabin.



By the end of 2016, Thor's Landing was shaping up to be a comfortable and ideally located basecamp for hikers on the IATNL Humber Valley Trail.  It will also be located at a new trailhead directly opposite Steady Brook, just a short boat ride across a calm steady on the lower Humber River.