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Little East Brook Trail

In early July IATNL Chairperson Paul Wylezol and volunteers Troy Gaulton, Curtis Payne and Trent Foster travelled by boat to Middle Brook, Parsons Pond where they hiked to Little East Brook (just north of East Brook Gulch) to complete the last remaining section of the Parsons Pond to Flat Hills access trail.

The weather cooperated for 3 days, with sunshine, warm temperatures, and a slight breeze, while working alongside the refreshing waters of Little East Brook Falls.

On Day Two the crew encountered two hikers from France attempting the first trek of the presently unfinished Devil's Bite Trail.

In three days the crew also encountered 8 moose and 3 black bears. 

On their flight home they passed over approximately 400 caribou, which had been grazing within a couple of kilometers of their campsite.

Overall it was a great trip, with mission accomplished:  the completion of the Parsons Pond to Flat Hills section of the Devil's Bite Trail, which provides access to the Flat Hills from Parsons Pond. 

To see more photos go to Little East Brook at IATNL Flickr...