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Work Continues on Stone Brook Basecamp

During the spring, summer and fall of 2016, work continued on the IATNL hiking base camp near Stone Brook on the north side of North Arm, Bay of Islands.  The two storey camp is well positioned to serve as the start or finish for a 2-3 day trek across the North Arm Hills to or from Trout River Pond in Gros Morne National Park and will serve as an intersecting point for the north and south halves of the planned Cabox Geopark.


The 2016 restoration season began June 4-6, when IATNL executive members Paul Wylezol, Arne Helgeland, Kevin Noseworthy and Caroline Swan were joined by Go Western's Executive Director Mark Lamswood.

(L-R) Mark Lamswood, Kevin Noseworthy (sitting), Arne Helgeland, Caroline Swan and Paul Wylezol enjoy a June sunset from Back Cove

The group was ferried to Stowbridges Cove by True North Charters and Tours and Joey Park from Cox's Cove.

Joey Park ferrying materials and supplies to shore in his Bay of Islands dory


Once ashore, the group got down to work removing the deteriorated siding and sheeting on the front wall, in preparation for a total rebuild and insulation.

Kevin Noseworthy deconstructing the front wall


Before long, neighbour and fisherman Kerry Park pulled in with his day's catch of lobster


Just in time for a good feed!


Stowbridge Cove was first occupied in the early 20th century by the Park family from Cox's Cove, being fished until recent years by Kerry's father and two uncles, Sam and Gerald. The small east facing cove near the base of North Arm Hill and James Cook's Stone Brook has 3 cabins and 4 or 5 fishing stores.


The IATNL base camp is a two storey, split level house with 3 bedrooms and indoor bathroom built by Gerald Park.   The interior is in excellent condition, requiring only a little maintenance.

Caroline Swan warming some delicious homemade soup for lunch


Caroline celebrated her birthday at Stowbridges Cove and was served a birthday cupcake by Mark, who was camp baker.


The typical work day at Stowbridges ends with a sunset walk on the beach at nearby Back Cove

Sunset at Stowbridge Cove

Sunset at Back Cove (click to enlarge)


followed by an oceanfront fire back at Stowbridges Cove.


The second of three work trips took place August 9-11, with Arne, Kevin and Paul returning to continue work on both the house wall and sea wall.


The sea wall was heavily damaged during a storm in late fall 2014 or early winter 2015, and will be rebuilt with a wooden deck along the topside.

Sea wall and House at Back Cove

View of damaged sea wall and rebuilt house wall at Stowbridges Cove (click to enlarge)


That's Arne in the background, guarding the fire before a night's refreshments


but not before a sunset walk on the beach!




The third and final trip to Stowbridges Cove in 2016 took place October 18-21, with Arne, Kevin and Paul ferried to Stowbridges Cove in neighbour Kerry Park's Bay of Islands dory.



In addition to work on the sea wall, they were prepared to install pieces of galvanized culvert across a small, generally dry, brook near the house door.


By this time the front wall of the house had been rebuilt and freshly painted


and evening entertainment moved from beachside firelight to inside candlelight.


Riding off into the sunset after another year at Stowbridges Cove, the sun will be returning north before the crew returns to North Arm.