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First Snowshoe of Frenchman's Head Trail


On a beautiful Monday morning in early March, IAT Chairperson Paul Wylezol dusted off his snowshoes for his first winter trek of 2016, on the recently completed IATNL Frenchman's Head Trail above the small Bay of Islands community of Frenchman's Cove.


Seiners tied up to the wharf at Frenchman's Cove


The trail is the newest section of the IATNL Hummock Trail, which links the Blow Me Down Mountains to the picturesque fishing cove that dates back at least 250 years.


Blow Me Down Mountains and Hummock

View of the Blow Me Down Mountains, with Hummock at far left (Click to enlarge)


The 1.5 km trail begins at the corner of Salt Water Road and rises 100ft (30 meters) before descending 200ft (60 meters) to connect to an old gravel road linking Frenchman's Cove to Salt Water Cove. Along the way it passes 4 scenic lookoffs, with views of the Blow Me Down Mountains, outer Bay of Islands, and Frenchman's Cove.


View of the eastern end of Frenchman's Cove


In May, work will begin on a new trail to link the Frenchman's Head Trail to the Hummock, bypassing the current ATV route which crosses an occasional wet bog.


Blow Me Down Mountains and Bay of Islands

View of the Blow Me Down Mountains and outer Bay of Islands (Click to enlarge)


Once at the Hummock, the trail will connect to the oldest section of Hummock Trail, which ends at Blow Me Down Brook.


View of Guernsey Island (aka Weeboll), Murray Mountains above Lark Harbour, and Salt Water Cove (foreground)


From there hikers enter the upper Blow Me Down Brook Valley or scale the Sands to the top of the Blow Me Down Mountains, enroute to Cape Blow Me Down.


View of Cape Blow Me Down, with York Harbour in background


But on that beautiful March morning, it was just a short snowshoe through the forest. Enough to whet an appetite for bigger adventures to come! ... And it looks like an early spring!!