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Volunteer Girl Power



Volunteer Alex Fortin installing an IATNL trail marker


Trail Enhancement Crew Planning for 2016 Awesomeness!


The IATNL is planning trail enhancement activities for 2016, including on the Humber Valley Trail, Grand Codroy Way, and French Shore Trail near Conche, with volunteers Katie Broadhurst and Alex Fortin channeling girl power. They are seeking adventure-loving low-maintenance volunteers to help on popular yet under-maintained scenic trails. There is lots to do, but they know how to get 'er done and still have fun!


Volunteers Caroline Swan, Arne Helgeland and Katie Broadhurst on the IATNL Overfalls Trail, Gros Morne National Park



For 2016, volunteer "work" will include trail maintenance, new trail development, backcountry cabin renovations, and lots and lots of HIKING! The goal is to have one trail enhancement project per month, whether one day local or multi day backcountry.


Trail volunteers hiking off the Flat Hills above Parsons Pond



Plans call for a kick off in May with a gathering of volunteers to review the summer plan, cover basic trail maintenance techniques, and meet all of the fellow volunteers! They will then put it all into action with a little maintenance on the Old Man in the Mountain section of the Humber Valley Trail.


Trail volunteers taking a break by an October fire



From June until November, projects will continue along the Humber Valley Trail but we also hope to check up on backcountry routes such as the French Shore Trail, Devil's Bite Trail, Lewis Hills Trail, Grand Codroy Way and Blow Me Down Traverse, and possibly even help develop new trails in Cabox Aspiring Geopark!


Trail volunteers Liam Noseworthy, Michaela Pye and Kevin Noseworthy on the Frenchman's Head Trail



Needless to say, we need a CREW! Folks who love to hike and wanna help make Western Newfoundland’s trails the best on the island. With a team of dedicated volunteers, we can cover a lot of ground, ensure the trails are up to par, and continue to have great places to hike!


Caroline Swan and Katie Broadhurst taking a break above Parsons Pond Inner Pond



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