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Climbing the Lewis Hills' Pyramid Peak

On August 20, 2013, IAT Chairperson Paul Wylezol and Western Newfoundland explorer Lew Coty from Vermont climbed Pyramid Peak on the north side of Lewis Hills between the entrances of Wheeler's Gulch and Red Rocky Gulch.

The 9-hour day trek started at the IATNL Lewis Hills Trail Serpentine trailhead and after 45 minutes the two were at the base of the mountain.

What turned out to be an ideal route to the top began at the front west side of the peak and ascended from one scenic viewpoint of the surrounding gulches and Serpentine Valley to the next.

View of Red Rocky Gulch from the base of Pyramid Peak

IAT Chairperson Paul Wylezol overlooking Red Rocky Gulch

Lew Coty scaling Pyramid Peak with background view of Serpentine Lake and Blow Me Down Mountains

View of Wheeler's Gulch

The ascent to the top of the 1640ft (500m) peak took just 45 minutes and was followed by a spectacular 360 degree view and quick snack before Paul and Lew continued on along the ridge between the two gulches.

View of the Ridge between Wheeler's and Red Rocky Gulches from Pyramid Peak

They took a meandering route from side to side to take advantage of the changing views of the north-facing gulches as they hiked south toward the back end of these glacier-carved canyons.

View of Red Rocky Gulch, Serpentine Lake, Blow Me Down Mountains, and Pyramid Peak

View of Wheeler's Gulch, Pyramid Peak, Serpentine Lake, and Blow Me Down Mountains

Along the way they encountered unusual ultramafic rocks and glacial erratic

Lew Coty standing atop a peridotite glacial erratic

and an assortment of flowers and low plants that find a lonely and delicate foothold on this barren landscape generally devoid of plant life.

To Be Continued ......