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The Historic Greater Green Gardens Trail

On June 22, 2013, during the IATNL/Parks Canada Art & Adventure Festival , IAT Chairperson Paul Wylezol took advantage of high winds and the cancelled zodiac shuttle on Trout River Pond to make an exploratory trek of the Greater Green Gardens trail between the town of Trout River and Gros Morne National Park's Green Gardens Trail.

The route begins at the east end of town,

then follows the Eastern Point Trail along the east side of the harbor to Eastern Point.

From the point, hikers can look across to the rugged coastline to the southwest of Trout River,

before turning northeast and climbing to approx. 500ft in elevation to the coastal barrens.

The route then meanders along the barren and scrub hillside overlooking the Gulf of St Lawrence, providing occasional glimpses of fishermen tending their lobster pots or fishing nets.

A little closer up, hikers should watch for pretty wildflowers at their feet, from Yellow Lady Slippers to Purple Iris.

They should also keep their eyes on the surrounding landscape, for around any turn or over any rise they may see a moose and calf, red or silver fox, or black bear.

Before long the seaside trek provides commanding views of the shoreline known as Green Gardens, a coastal grassland where local sheep farmers historically brought their sheep to graze freely for the summer months.

Descending a rough trail strewn with windfalls and sheep's wool brings one out onto the first stretch of green smattered with dots of moving white below.

Walking along this stretch of coastline is often accompanied with cool ocean breezes and waving grasses

and the curious gazes of sheep as they scramble up or down in right angles to your line of progression.

From here the route drops down and follows a rock and pebble beach for a short stretch

before climbing a grassy slope and winding through a wooded headland, then descending a pretty stream-carved valley

and following the beach connecting to Gros Morne National Park's Green Gardens Trail.

From here hikers can exit to the highway and walk back down to the town of Trout River, completing a 5-6 hour hiking loop.