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Work Continues On IATNL UltramaTrex

On the beautiful autumn day of October 30, IAT Chairperson Paul Wylezol, IATNL Vice Chair Arne Helgeland, and Signage Director Delano Pittman travelled to Serpentine Valley for maintenance on the Lewis Hills Trail, the final stage of the new IATNL UltramaTrex.


This one-week trek provides access to all four of the West Coast's ophiolites, characterized by the rust-colored ultramafic, peridotite.


From the Serpentine Trailhead, the Lewis Hills Trail heads west and crosses Blue Hill Brook, before winding through a wooded valley for 2kms


which requires occasional maintenance to clear windfalls and fast growing alders. 


Once at the base of the hills, hikers can wander for days in various directions over the barren terrain, and access the mountaintops via Wheeler's Gulch, Red Rocky Gulch or Western Gulch.

(L-R) Arne Helgeland and Delano Pittman at the base of the Lewis Hills near Wheeler's Gulch


 (L-R) Paul Wylezol and Arne Helgeland overlooking Serpentine Valley and the Blow Me Down Mountains