Blow Me Down Mountain Trail


As its name suggests, the Blow-Me-Down Mountain Trail crosses the Blow Me Down Mountains west of Corner Brook. This backcountry trail rises to a height of 600m (1970ft) at Blow Me Down Head where it provides a wide-angle panoramic view of the beautiful Bay of Islands from the picturesque fishing community of Lark Harbour to the west, North Arm Hills and outer islands to the north, and the Humber Arm and city of Corner Brook to the east. To the west hikers can also catch a glimpse of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and if lucky, be rewarded with a spectacular sunset over the water.

After a 16km trek south across the barren mountaintop rising to a height of 655m (2150ft) the trail will arrive at Red Gulch, which affords a majestic view of the Serpentine Valley and Lewis Hills beyond. Though barren, the mountaintop is indented by deep valleys with sheer cliffs and accompanying waterfalls, and is home to moose and caribou, ptarmigan and arctic hare. Rare mountains of peridotite that heaved up from below the earth’s surface during continental drift provides an otherworldly setting for a hiking adventure.

Heading west from Red Gulch the trail will descend into the steep and meandering Simms Gulch canyon that slowly reveals the magnificent Serpentine Valley and Lewis Hills while shadowing a pristine and remote south flowing stream.


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The northern access to the Blow-Me-Down Mountain Trail is by way of Blow-Me-Down Brook Trail (located approximately 5 kilometers past Frenchman's Cove) and Copper Mine To Cape Trail (at the entrance to York Harbour), both in the outer Bay of Islands. 

The southern trailhead is located at the end of Serpentine logging road, which in turn is off Logger’s School logging road.  The latter exits the Trans Canada Highway approximately 10 kilometers west of Corner Brook.


Length: 35-50 Km (21-30 Miles) - Depending on Route
Time: 2-3 Days / 1-2 Nights in Tent
Difficulty: Challenging
Trail Type: Wilderness Mountain Trail and Route

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