Grand Codroy Way


The Grand Codroy Way is a 32 km (20 mile) backcountry trail that winds its way along the top of the Long Range Mountains between Cape Ray and the Starlight Trail, just south of the community of Tomkins.

More of a "route" than a "trail", the Way follows the barren high-country from the communication towers atop Table Mountain - overlooking Wreckhouse - to the 2,000 ft (1200 m) high grasslands above fertile Grand Codroy River Valley.

The southern trailhead is located at the turn-off to tower road, .3km (.2 miles) north of the exit to Cape Ray.  From an elevation of 200 ft (60 m), the GCW climbs the steep gravel road to the communication towers at 1400 ft (425 m)

then begins its cross-country trek with a sweeping view of Big Pond and the Gulf coast.

From there it follows the cliff edge to a panoramic profile view of the Long Range Mountains and Codroy estuary

before heading inland until it reaches the scenic Trainvain Valley.

The mid-section of the Grand Codroy Way is characterized by long vistas of rolling grasslands, sliced by deep valleys flowing east to west

where sheltered campsites provide fiery spectacles across land and sea at sundown.

The northern access/exit to the GCW is via the Starlight Trail, with its terrific view of Campbell Pond

and Little Codroy River Valley.

The 3 km (1.8 mile) trail reaches a height of 1200 ft (365 m) on a barren hillock, after climbing to 800 ft (245 m) through the forested lowlands.

Future plans call for the extension of the Grand Codroy Way to Little Codroy Pond, then on to the community of South Branch via Mollichignick Valley.


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Southern access to the Grand Codroy Way is by a gravel road on the east side of Route 1 (Trans Canada Highway) .3 km (.2 miles) north of the exit to Cape Ray.   The 5km (3mile) road winds its way up a steep narrow valley to communications towers overlooking Newfoundland's southwest coast.

Northern access to the Grand Codroy Way is by way of the 3km (1.8mile) Starlight Trail, located off Route 1 just south of the community of Tomkins in Little Codroy River Valley.


Length: 32 Km (20 Miles) (Cape Ray to Starlight Trail)
Time: 2 Days / 1 Night in Tent
Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Type: Wilderness Mountain Trail and Route

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