French Shore Trail


The French Shore Trail is a 13 km (8 mile) linear trail along the eastern coastline of the Great Northern Peninsula between Conche and Croque, two historic communities on the historic French Shore of Newfoundland (1713-1904).

The trail begins at the communication tower off Route 434 overlooking the community of Conche, and follows the rolling seaside hills north to Crouse Peninsula.  Along the way, hikers get splendid views of the surrounding headlands, coves, islands, and ocean, as well as the abandoned communities and fishing premises which dot Crouse Harbour.

From a sheltered and secluded campsite on the northern shore of Crouse Harbour

the trail climbs 550ft (170m) to a scenic lookoff of the harbour

and Pyramid Point on the northern end of Crouse Peninsula.

From there the trail winds its way across barren hilltops - many with historic cairns of unknown origin - down forested valleys, and along rugged shorelines until it reaches a stream-fed cove halfway between Conche and Croque, the eventual northern terminus of the French Shore Trail.

Lucky hikers will see icebergs and whales, and if they rise early ... a spectacular sunrise over the North Atlantic!


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Access to the French Shore Trail is via a short .65 km (.4 mile) gravel road leading to a communciations tower on the left side of Route 434 overlooking the community of Conche.  Boat transportation can also be arranged at the community of Conche or Southwest Crouse for a drop-off or pick-up.


Length: 13 Km (8 Miles)
Time: 2 Days / 1 Night (in tent) - Round Trip
Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Type: Wilderness Coastal Trail

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